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Deliver a message of hope

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Sharing ripples, making waves

Every time you share this page you will help put us closer to our goal. Dedicated to all rare disease organizations, our focus this year is Fabry International Network (FIN), with a donation goal of $10,000.

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Together, even the smallest of ripples can make a wave

When you or a loved one has a rare disease, hope is bigger than just a 4-letter word.

— Jim, Nebraska

I often thought I was alone in all of this. But I'm not. None of us are alone.

— Susan, Boston

I support research for rare diseases!

— Harry, London

Refusing to stop when we're at our lowest. Looking for answers in research and science. That's what hope is.

— Leslie, Indiana

When my son was diagnosed with a rare disease my wife and I didn't know what to do. But being there for each other and finding a community of people affected in similar ways have strengthened our resolve as people, and as parents.

— Frank, North Carolina

Our cause is life. Our mission statement is hope.

— Sarah, Berlin

When your child is diagnosed with a rare disease like ours was we felt helpless. But the support that we got from our healthcare team, family, friends, and rare disease community gave us hope that we would make it.

— Richard, San Antonio

About Fabry International Network (FIN)

The mission of FIN is to be a global, independent network of Fabry patient organizations whose purpose is to collaborate, communicate, and promote best practices to support those affected by Fabry disease. FIN is connected in over 45 countries and membership is free and open to any national patient organization in which patients with Fabry disease are represented.

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AVROBIO's Commitment

AVROBIO, a leader in lentiviral-based gene therapy, is committed to focusing our efforts on rare diseases and developing gene therapy programs that deliver lasting and meaningful benefits for patients with rare genetic diseases.

We are also committed to spreading awareness and support for patients, their families, and the doctors who support them because it is only as a community united in hope that we will rise against rare disease.